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Nicolas Massi

Check out the work of Nicolas Massi, a design practice based in Buenos Aires. Would love to print something on the Black Box Press with him.



XYM is a web-based project bringing you the longest short-term temporary and transient yet constant database of possibilities to download each individual Portable Data Format (.pdf) Artists Publication. Presenting a wide range of artists with a multi-disciplinary content, each issue is specifically created for the project, where one artist becomes the author and editor of a history making free-downloadable pdf file with a rapidly nearing best before date and incubation as its’ future.

Activated on its’ moment of release on www.xym.no, individually varying but at the same time permanent countdown periods are programmed to each publication with innumerable possibilities between one second and infinity. Within the given format, not exceeding the desktop-printable A4 and a download friendly 25 MB, a self-generating arts periodical creates a launching base for a diverse number of artistic projects, literally functioning between the margins of your computer screen and the edges of your desk.”

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Alban Schelbert

I am pretty sure this is the same Alban Schelbert that Varvara and myself met whilst out in Amsterdam last summer, if so, hes a really nice chap, and as for his work, well its all amazing!


Jasmine Raznahan

This piece of work from Jasmine Raznahan relates very closely to a project I am currently working on with Elliot.


“A typographic investigation into the use of en dashes, em dashes and dashes. Their correct usage seems to be a constant source of debate, so we decided to give them a new meaning. This was demonstrated using a piece of beat literature text; commonly a running stream of consciousness with little or no punctuation.”

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My Woolworth’s

“Woolworths shutting down seems to be the big news at the moment. With people of all ages, religions, sexes and races lamenting the death of an English Institute. If you are lamenting then you’d better feel guilty because you never ever bought anything there did you? They made the doors extra -wide so fat teenagers with eight retarded and socially fucked children could get through, and since then you wanted nothing at all to do with the place. From the budget DVD collection, the slightly moist baby clothes, the appalling gaggle of chinese plastic toys and the penny-sweet collection that had become one massive, sugary object from the sticky, slimy fingers molesting it for the last 5 years, Woolworths was plain unpleasant and deserves to be shut down. And no, I have no sympathy for the employees, they make the staff at Burger King look like glamour models and Prince Philip positively diplomatic. Send them back to the gulags where they came from.

Other things that should go the way of the Woolworths in the next year:

Elephant and Castle Shopping Center. Anyone who says it’s a sight of heritage, community center, unique building or historically important deserves to be inside it when they blow it up. Replace it with one MASSIVE Starbucks, commericalise away. All those ‘poor’ little ladies with stalls should have spent their parents life savings on a wiser investment.

East London. Pretty much the same deal. Perhaps don’t destroy it, just seal it off in some giant glass dome so that tourists can peer in and say things like; “Awwwww, they think they’re people.”

Yeah that’s pretty much it, soon this ‘credit crunch’ will alleviate the tourist problem, by getting rid of them and then I’ll be able to walk down a street without bumping into a 6ft back pack with a spaniard attached and the rainforest’s dying so they have to stop making free papers soon and then there’ll be none of those guys either. The future’s looking bright.”

Apart from the Starbucks part, i totally agree Tobias.

Merry Christmas.

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Folch Studio & Jonathan Puckey

Nice project by Folch Studio.


“This project is a tribute to the individuals who write the headlines for a newspaper published in England called EVENING STANDARD more than three times each and every single day.

This platform including the typeface named TRIVIAL is created and designed to bring hand written and hand made calligraphy into an entire new context. In its core this is all about SPREADING THE WORD and dedicating trivial.

This project is a collaboration by FOLCH STUDIO and QOMPENDIUM directed by Albert Folch and Kimberly Lloyd for QOMPENDIUM.”

This reminds me of a project by Jonathan PuckeyThe Quick Brown.


“The Quick Brown checks Fox News regularely and notes any changes in the headlines.”

(Folch Studio via Many Stuff)

Common Knowledge

I’m a massive fan of Will Holder, especially his F. R. David publication (which I recently went to the launch of the latest one in Amsterdam).

“Holder’s work reflects on the relationship between language and design, positioning language as a kind of conceptual structure at its heart. As a designer writer and editor, Holder’s practice encompasses print and publication design, events and also performances. He, for example, organised the TOURETTE’S evenings at Amsterdam’s W139 artspace and at the De Appel Foundation. He has written for the periodical dot-dot-dot and publishes the magazine Catalogue. He is the designer and editor of the periodical F. R. David published by De Appel.

For On Purpose Holder is presenting the latest in a series of projects that relate to his own personal library of books from his home/studio. For the full duration of the exhibition he will be participating in a residency in France, meaning he will be living away from his London home temporarily. Holder has proposed to re-site his library of publications to the Arnolfini, and to put his books to use by setting up a functioning lending library. His publications archive will be available for reference and borrowing to all visitors, offering new potential for this source material.”

(taken from On Purpose)

Really interested in this project he is working on called Common Knowledge.

“Will Holder is presenting a project using his own personal library of books from his home/studio.”

Check out his library here.
I have noticed that my friend Phil Baber has a book in his library.

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In the Name Of the Father (or the troubles with L-caron)

Have just read and interesting essay by Peter Bil’ak. Read it here