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Concept of Veasyble is an accessory based on principle of privacy. Designed by Gloria Pizzilli, Arianna Petrakis, Ilaria Pacini and Adele Bacci, the object is made out of tissue paper and polyethylene, and can be deployed in any environment.
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Varvara and myself have received a very nice email from Pete over at IDEEËN in New York to let us know they have updated their website with the a/w09 season.

Pete included this invitation in the email, which is very nice, really like all the gradiented boxes. Be sure to check out the website as it has some very nice stuff on there.


Sandra Backlund

So posts on the blog are starting to run thin lately, the third year is getting pretty hectic now. We are trying to collect up things we see and then publish them in one big go every week or so.

I saw Sandra Backlund‘s work over at Today and Tomorrow‘s blog and couldn’t believe it, its beautiful.
Here’s some examples.


Bike Lane Lights

This is a great idea for cyclists at night, but being a cyclist in London myself, I can tell you now, you wouldn’t catch me with one of those!


“Having a bike lane on the street that you’re pedaling down is one of the proven and effective methods of protecting cyclists so far. It makes drivers aware of you and it gives you your own space to travel in. Unfortunately, not all roads in the country have a bike lane – you can found them only in busy streets. That is a problem if you traveling lot with your bike. A solution to this problem, is LightLane, where you can bring a bike lane with you!”

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I <3 Helvetica



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Effektive Design

I have just been looking through 26 year old graphic designer Greig Anderson’s online portfolio and saw these badges he makes, love them. Think everything about them are great, packaging is a good idea and the crop of the cassette for the badge image is lovely.