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Birch Studio

Birch Studio has launched their website. Check it out.

Carine Collin

Simple yet beautiful layouts by Carine Collin.

Stapleless Paper

Very interesting idea from Sherwood Forlee, going to have to give this a go.


“A slot in the upper left hand corner allows the corner to slide in and create a self-locking tab. Can lock up to 20 sheets securely without fail.”

(via Today and Tomorrow)

Plane Wash

Whilst doing some research on Google Earth for my dissertation I came across this post on Google Sightseeing blog.


“Have you ever wondered how they get planes clean? Well at Heathrow we can see the plane cleaning crews”

Street Cred

Some guy in America is selling some of his street cred…?!

“I have too much street-cred and need to make a little extra cash.This is a great opportunity for anyone just starting out in the messenger world that doesn’t really know how to fit in, or what city is the most hard-core. You will be able to tell people that we are bros, that you are down with real-life bike messengers, that you have totally partied with us, and be able to boast wild stories of how gnarly a ride was. I will even include spoke-cards and descriptions of races so that you can tell wild stories about being there,broken toe straps,well worn raceing shirt,waterproof socks friend invite on myspace and a broken frame(raleigh team frame that has been mashed way to hard) This will undoubtedly help you build even more street cred! Happy bidding and let me know if you have any questions about my cred”

The best bit about it all is the Q&A section.

Life Clock

Life Clock 3 by Bertrand Planes. Clock Mecanism Slowed down 61320 Time. Each number represents year. Life Clock 3 is relative time based (speed increases with age).

(via Inspire me, now!)

Don’t Protest

I think I would go to one of these demonstrations.
Nice project by Jean Jullien.

(via Omami)

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This Table Will Self-Destruct

Really want one.

This table will self-destruct. The top of the table is structured as a grid of concrete pixels. Each time a new table is produced, one pixel is removed from the design. Following these rules of self-destruction, the shape becomes more intricate as it diminishes. This project converges elements of mass production and handmade craftsmanship, resulting in a limited series of entirely unique tables that will end when the shape is no longer practical.

Total pixels currently removed: 25

Can be purchased at Supermarket.

(via [bb-blog])

F. R. David

Again, whilst in Amsterdam we (me & Varvara) were lucky enough to go to the book launch of F. R. David, where we got a reading from the book by Will Holder as well as watching two really great films; one by John Smith – Associations (a few bad quality and short films by John Smith here) and the second by Werner Herzog – The Enigma of Kasper Hauser. Both were very inspiring films to watch.

(Second image via Gerrit Rietveld Academie blog)

We met a lot of people my friend Phil Baber is at university with in the Gerrit Reitveld Academie; Nick, Michael, Stefan, and quite a few others (sorry cant remember all the names), was really nice to meet you all.

Swiss Army Knife

Elliot from Action Committee and myself were taking apart a broken Riso CR1610 for spares the other day when we found this beautiful old Swiss army knife inside.