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Snow Sculptures

Amazing snow sculptures.


“It’s been snowing in Seattle. Aly Lenon spotted these amazing sculptures made out of snow on people’s car windows. You can see more here.”

(via Wooster Collective)


Really like these paste-up Elfs.

(via Wooster Collective)

Public Poster Project

A nice public poster project on the Behance Network.

(via Supervideografen)

Dan Witz

Amazing set of paintings from Dan Witz.


Saw this last night in the bathroom of the Hermits Cave in Camberwell. Not really impressed by the tag as such, but the colour. Love the gradient of purple.

Memory Clean Up

I have decided to clean up my mac memory and share some images with you that have caught my attention at some point when surfing the internet or looking for something specific. It’s a small collection of images that I like and it consists of all kinds of graphic design including typography, advertisement, interior details, illustration, posters, street art, album covers, book designs, typefaces etc. Enjoy.

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CutUp Collective?

Last night i was walking to the bus stop in Shoreditch after a few beers and spotted this.

It’s a poster advert for Spiderman cut into loads of little squares and rearranged. Could this be the work of the CutUp Collective?

I’m not too sure, the CutUp collective, as you can see from their work on their website, usually make an image from an already existing advert, this doesn’t appear to have been made into a recognizable image, so could it just be someone ripping of CutUp Collective’s style, very badly?

After looking at this picture a few more times i can actually see an image, so maybe it actually is the CutUp Collective.

Nevertheless i really like it.