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Send & Receive

Very interesting sound recording by Markus Jones on the AA radio.

“I always wondered what kind of sound would be heard whilst on its journey when you either send or receive an e-mail or transfer data across a Network. The idea first presented itself when an IT friend of mine was chatting about his workplace and that I should pop along one day and record some of the sounds . Not wanting to let the opportunity pass me by, I spend a day, armed with a number of recording tools sitting in an enormous network server room. My initial thought was that of complete shock! I couldn’t quite get over how noisy the space was, I foolishly always imagined that it was going to be really very quiet, with just the discreet sound of a small fan and the occasional bleep from time to time. The noise was mainly due to the number the cooling fans required. So never really wanting to capture the sounds of cooling fans, I would focus on the light sources from any LED light by using a number of different photocells and by using a specially constructed audio/ network cable that allowed me to connect to both the server and my laptop at the same time, where I wrote a MSP patch that recorded to one soundcard when data was being Sent, and to another soundcard when the data was being Received. This method enabled me to kill two birds with one stone and allowed me the option for working with either sound source whilst the data was being transmitted. The final piece is comprised from 16 different servers, and from 1200 different ports, collecting close to 16,000 sounds . The first section of the piece are the sounds heard when the data was being ‘Sent’ and the second half of the piece is the perceived sound of the data being ‘Received’.”