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I think this type from Vilaz is beautiful.


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Mirsad Ademaj

Really nice work from Mirsad Ademaj, shame there’s no descriptions of the work, would be really interested in finding out some more about certain pieces.


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RAW Posters

I think these posters by AARDBAKKER are beautiful.


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Im majorly into circles and these wrinkly ones by HYJoe are lovely.


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The Changing Face of Letterpress

Varvara, Elliot and Myself are exhibiting some letterpress work at the LCC in a few months time at The Changing Face of Letterpress exhibition.

Visit the Letterpress website for more information.
The Changing Face of Letterpress
Well Gallery, London College of Communication
Elephant & Castle

05-11 March 2009

“The Changing Face of Letterpress is an exhibition of staff and student work from the London College of Communication, seeking to challenge the boundaries of Letterpress within the current design climate whilst drawing from the rich printing history of the college. The exhibition explores the changing role of Letterpress within design education, from a typographical teaching tool to a medium that is igniting process-driven work from students within the School of Graphic Design.”

(featured on Manystuff, Swiss Legacy, Thinking for a Living and FormFiftyFive)

A-Z Lectures

Awesome poster for A-Z Lectures.


“cross-over on art, design and architecture in springtime
20.01.2009 – 12.05.2009

Every Tuesday evening in spring 2009, Z33 in Hasselt welcomes designers, architects, engineers, students and everyone else who’s interested in fascinating lectures from national and international speakers in the field of architecture, design and art. Stay tuned on inspiring ideas, innovative visions and surprising developments in architecture, design and art from A to Z!

Design Platform Limburg took the initiative to gather partners such as Architectuurwijzer (a cultural organisation on architecture) and the University College Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg (dpt. PHL-Arts and Architecture) to organize a series of lectures together.

A-Z stands for the A from Architecture, Arts & Applied Arts and the Z of arts centre Z33. As a first step towards more transparency, this A-Z series brings together the separated organised lectures of the partners into one inspiring and continuous program, communicated through the same channel. Next step will be to collaborate on defining the content; to work on a central theme and to invite speakers that are active on the junction of different creative disciplines.”

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Marius Hofstede

Real nice work from Marius Hofstede.


“An A4 size b/w hand-out commissioned by van Kranendonk art gallery. Every sheet is folded into a different form, in order to create a visual diversity and to shift the focus between the participating artists within the exhibition.”

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Hei Cheng

Fellow typo student Hei Cheng has recently launched his new website. Really like this typeface he designed for ‘Ling Long’ furniture collection.


New identity for “LING LONG” furniture collection.
Client: Maxxa International Ltd
Photography by Shyalala Workshop.”

Merel van den Berg

More amazing work from Merel van den Berg, who designed my favourite poster/broadsheet series of all time – Crazy Diamond.


“Contribution to a series of booklet’s documenting Annette Krauss’ project ‘Hidden Curriculum’ (2007, Casco Utrecht).

Hidden Curriculum looks at the unintended and unrecognized forms of knowledge, values and beliefs that are part of learning processes and daily life withing high schools. [...]
Examples of this include a variety of cheating methods and strategies that students develop in order to access their own interests during their lessons.

Subject of the booklet is stuttering, and how someone who stutters comes up with (linguistic) tricks to navigate around his/her speaking obstacles.”

Joel Galvez

Great work from Joel Galvez.


“All teachers and students in Rietveld academy were asked for quotes from discussions done in class.
100 contributions were selected and they were put up in the stairways during the open day, and later collected in a book.”