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Nicolas Massi

Check out the work of Nicolas Massi, a design practice based in Buenos Aires. Would love to print something on the Black Box Press with him.

Nigel Evan Dennis

The beautiful, minimalist wood-cut art of Chicago based artist Nigel Evan Dennis.


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Really Short Films

‘Samurai on the Toilet’ and ‘Man Blowing a Bubble’ are two extremely short ‘films’ by artist/illustrator Mitch Ansara and Japanese director/actor/writer/producer Takeshi Kitano.


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Nice work from bookshop/publishers/project space Split/Fountain.
They produced the rather lovely book for Martino Gampers 100 Chairs in 100 Days.


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Velina Stoykova

Some really nice work from Velina Stoykova. Beautiful type and books.


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Alban Schelbert

I am pretty sure this is the same Alban Schelbert that Varvara and myself met whilst out in Amsterdam last summer, if so, hes a really nice chap, and as for his work, well its all amazing!


Hans Munk

Very nice work from Hans Munk.


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I have just recently been to see the Alter-Modern exhibition at the Tate. Best exhibition i have been to for a long time. I really recommend any one who is here in London going.


Not sure if this is related, but its still a nice idea for a holding page for a website – Altermodern.

Printing Presses

Manystuff have been posting a few times recently about the various printing presses around that use a Risograph printing machine. One of whom being the AA in London. Has given me a real kick up the ass, as Elliot and myself have our own Riso and bought a domain name etc in order to set up a mini printing press under the name of Black Box, but haven’t had chance to do it. I’ll post some more about it when we finally get around to doing it, in the mean-time, if anybody has anything they want printing in red or black, A4 and smaller then don’t hesitate to contact me.

These are two of the presses Manystuff mentioned:


Bedford Press is a small-scale, fully functioning printing press and publisher operating out of the Architectural Association. The aim of the press is to integrate the publication of printed materials into the AA Print Studio’s existing focus on generating content, editing and design…

The hope is that the influence of Bedford Press will quickly extend into the academic and intellectual life of the school, playing a key role as a protagonist of future publication initiatives. Bedford Press was founded in 2008 and is operated by AA Art Director Zak Kyes, Wayne Daly, Claire McManus and Phill Clatworthy under the auspices of the Architectural Association.”


Rollo Press™ is a small print studio located in Zürich and is operated by Urs Lehni since the beginning of 2008. The only printing machine available is an old Risograph GR 3770. Rollo Press™ aims to produce printed matter with friends and accomplices in a way that includes all steps of the process: from concept to design on to printing, binding and distribution. It’s like in William Morris’ “Art and Its Producers”: To own the means of production is the only way to gain back pleasure in work, and this, in return, is considered as a prerequisite for the production of (applied) art and beauty.”


Black Box Press has been launched by myself and Elliot. We have printed 2 real nice jobs and have another couple in the pipe line. Stay tuned for the new website coming soon. If you’re interested in printing something on our Riso CR1610 then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

GRA Posters

Some amazing posters coming out of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie as can be expected. I have also just received a copy of Phil Baber’s Cannon Magazine, which (now that the dissertation is out of the way) i am itching to read. I’ll ask Phil if its cool to post some photos for people to see and if so ill post some up on here.


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