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XYM is a web-based project bringing you the longest short-term temporary and transient yet constant database of possibilities to download each individual Portable Data Format (.pdf) Artists Publication. Presenting a wide range of artists with a multi-disciplinary content, each issue is specifically created for the project, where one artist becomes the author and editor of a history making free-downloadable pdf file with a rapidly nearing best before date and incubation as its’ future.

Activated on its’ moment of release on www.xym.no, individually varying but at the same time permanent countdown periods are programmed to each publication with innumerable possibilities between one second and infinity. Within the given format, not exceeding the desktop-printable A4 and a download friendly 25 MB, a self-generating arts periodical creates a launching base for a diverse number of artistic projects, literally functioning between the margins of your computer screen and the edges of your desk.”

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I have just recently been to see the Alter-Modern exhibition at the Tate. Best exhibition i have been to for a long time. I really recommend any one who is here in London going.


Not sure if this is related, but its still a nice idea for a holding page for a website – Altermodern.

Winy Mass

I wish they would build something like this.


“One of my favorite projects by architect Winy Mass is this grass covered overpass, which seems to suggest, in contrast to the all is lost back to nature attitude, that it’s time, not to smash our technological civilization and go back to the land, but merely to pave over our current industrial wasteland with the very nature we destroyed in its service.”

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I’m a sucker for brutally graphic scientific images. See more here.


“Chaos in a driven double-well electronic resonator, showing a near symmetric solution. This is a phase plane portrait, velocity vertical axis, and displacement horizontal axis.”


“Preserving modulation while dividing carrier – bottom trace is drive, top trace is output”


“Showing leakage from an electronic two dimensional chaotic snag.”

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Sol LeWitt

I want this in my house. Check out the website for more images from the Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retrospective. A collaboration between Yale University Art Gallery, MASS MoCA, and the Williams College Museum of Art.


“Wall Drawing 51

All architectural points connected by straight lines.
June 1970
Blue snap lines
LeWitt Collection, Chester, Connecticut
First Installation

Sperone Gallery, Turin, Italy and Museo di Torino, Turin, Italy
First Drawn By

P. Giacchi, A. Giamasco, G. Mosca”

“Wall Drawing 51 was first installed in 1970 in Turin at both the Museo di Torino and the Sperone Gallery. Although on display simultaneously, the site-specific nature of this drawing means that each installation is a unique version of the work. The content of the work rests entirely on the pre-existing space and was an indication of Sol LeWitt’s interest in more directly engaging the architectural context of his work.

LeWitt’s instructions for Wall Drawing 51 dictate “All architectural points connected by straight lines.” Using the simplest and most technically precise means available, Wall Drawing 51 comprises hundreds of blue lines of varying length stretching from one architectural detail to another, including door frames, columns, fire alarms, etc. Employing a chalk snap line, a contractor’s tool that is used to create straight lines on flat surfaces, this drawing focuses the viewer’s attention on the architecture of the space. Each corner on the wall is connected to any and all surrounding points with a straight chalk line. These lines make a complex web of marks that move the eye back and forth across the wall, highlighting, for instance an electrical socket’s relationship to a door frame, an air duct’s relationship to an outlet.”

Je Suis Mon Rêve

Really like the concept behind the project ‘thisisamasterpiece’ by Je Suis Mon Rêve (check out that website, loads of good work on there).


“A web domain is a unique piece, we pay for it so we make sure that it stays unique. Nobody can actually reproduce it and everybody can look at it. It is exactly as an art piece, and this one especially, this is a masterpiece.”

Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen

Really nice work from Rob van den Nieuwenhuizen.


poster, 2006

Two posters for a lecture about Universal Mathematics and the Mathematical Universe.

client: KABK
discipline: typography
material: paper
size: A2
technique: laserprint
typeface: prestige elite”

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Imagining the 10th Dimension


“‘Imagining the Tenth Dimension’ is a book by Rob Bryanton where he explores the possibilities of going beyond 4 dimensions. He created an animated video for chapter one of the book illustrating his concepts behind moving from one to ten dimensions.”

Also check out Rob’s blog.

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