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The Changing Face of Letterpress

So the exhibition opened on Wednesday, lots of hard work went into the creation of this by most people taking part. Thank you to all those that have help, but mostly thank you to Alex Cooper and Rose Gridneff for all their hard work they put into making this happen.

If you have a chance to visit the exhibition please do so. The work is amazing.
I still have several of my books i made for this available, please contact me via my website if you are interested in one.


(image via TypeNeu)

The Changing Face of Letterpress

Varvara, Elliot and Myself are exhibiting some letterpress work at the LCC in a few months time at The Changing Face of Letterpress exhibition.

Visit the Letterpress website for more information.
The Changing Face of Letterpress
Well Gallery, London College of Communication
Elephant & Castle

05-11 March 2009

“The Changing Face of Letterpress is an exhibition of staff and student work from the London College of Communication, seeking to challenge the boundaries of Letterpress within the current design climate whilst drawing from the rich printing history of the college. The exhibition explores the changing role of Letterpress within design education, from a typographical teaching tool to a medium that is igniting process-driven work from students within the School of Graphic Design.”

(featured on Manystuff, Swiss Legacy, Thinking for a Living and FormFiftyFive)

Illustrators Killed My Family and Burned My House Down: Update

Last night Varvara and myself went to the Illustrators Killed My Family and Burned My House Down exhibition, curated by the Illustration pathway at the LCC. The venue was amazing and the show really well put together. Below are just a few pictures of some of the work.

Mara Bueno
Induced Warmth
Mixed Media

Lauren Necati
Hand cut 220gsm card

Sergi Diaz

Studio Sport

Saw this a while back, but cant remember what blog i saw it on, so im sorry for not linking back through to you. Really like this poster, very interesting way of using letterpress by Studio Sport.

“Poster for the information event of the visual communications departement of the Zurich University of arts. The images were pre-printed on an inkjet-printer and over-printed on a letter-press machine. In collaboration with Andrea Koch.”


I am currently working on a letterpress project involving Futura. The other night a few people from the project went to St. Bride library to look through old books. I found some beautiful images and some great quotes too.

“The print shop is not a costume shop. It is not our task to clothe each literary content in a period costume; we must see to it that it receives a garment that suits the style of our time. We want a living typography, not a typographic theater or Masquerade.”
- Paul Renner in Print; the magazine of Graphic Arts. Volume VIII, number 4.

“The less interesting the letter is, the more suitable it is for the typographer.”
- Piet Zwart, from the book: Bauhaus – Types/The Futura of Paul Renner.

“We ask of a type distinctness, clarity and the omitting of all superfluous elements. Thus we reach the demand of a geometrical form structure.”
- Paul Renner, from the book: Bauhaus – Types/The Futura of Paul Renner.

Then just before we were leaving i opened a book, and it landed on this page. Some designs for the London College of Communication building in the Elephant & Castle [the university i am studying in!].

Dolce Press

Really nice letterpress work from Dolce Press.

(via I Love Typography)

Loose Collective

Love these business cards from Loose Collective.

“Business Cards:
Letterpressed in black on luxury matt board and beer mat board.

Loose Collective is a group of creative people from different walks of life, including myself, who join forces for specific projects. Loose Collective offers photography, graphic design, website design/production, multimedia/video and PR.”

(via AisleOne)