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Naoko Ito

Tree Branch in Jars by Naoko Ito.

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Nike Savvas

A massive and beautiful installation, created by the Australian artist Nike Savvas, has been recently exhibited at the Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery. The series “Full of Love and Full of Wonder” represent a cloud of atoms comprised by an optical effect of 1000 coloured balls.
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Steie vanVugt

Steie van Vugt made a mirror installation that played with the dimensions of a space: the mirrors pull the space apart like a kaleidoscope and display conflicting images. The installation emphasizes and blurs angles and holes, creating both calmness and complexity. Dimensies gives an empty concrete space a unique finishing touch and lets people reflect on how they experience a space.


Wannabe Furniture

Really like this idea.


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Crumb Birds

Very cool idea.


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Lars Amhoff



“Neo Gramophone is concept by Lars Amhoff, it is an reincarnation of a classic gramophone. It can play music streamed from your iTunes, a subsurface touchscreen menu let you control the music player. I’m currious if it will get past this concept phase, but it’s a nice object anyway.”

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I have just recently been to see the Alter-Modern exhibition at the Tate. Best exhibition i have been to for a long time. I really recommend any one who is here in London going.


Not sure if this is related, but its still a nice idea for a holding page for a website – Altermodern.

Patachronic Clock

Tobias has finished his ‘Patachronic Clock’. It looks amazing. Well done Tobias.

Richard Hutten

Possibly the best thing i have ever seen that you could furnish your house with!


““Playing With Tradition” is a carpet designed by Richard Hutten for the Strawberry Fields project, organised by I + I.”

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Rolex Time Sand

Love the packaging on Michael Marcovici’s Rolex Time Sand installation.


“Rolex Time Sand is an installation by Michael Marcovici. One bag is filled with 30 kgs of sand, which equals 30 days flowing in a standard hourglass. On the 18 palets, there are 972 bags with a total weight of 29.160 kg. They last for 81 years- our generous estimation of an average lifestime. The image in the middle pictures the artist’s lifetime already consumed: 39 years.”

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