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Ron Arad

London designer Ron Arad has created a polycarbonate version of his famous Well Tempered Chair for the forthcoming exhibition of his work at the Barbican in London.
Called Well Transparent Chair, the piece is made in a limited edition of 100 and consists of bent plastic sheets bolted together under tension.

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Valentin Löllmann

A combination of beautiful furniture and photography from German designer Valentin Löllmann. These pieces created from bits of old “forgotten” furniture are absolutely gorgeous.
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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories: New Designs from Nendo transforms the MADProjects Gallery in the new MAD museum in NY into a magical landscape of new designs that imbue chairs, vases, and lamps with whimsy and optical illusion. It runs until January 10, don’t miss out!

Composition Chair

This chair by Japanese design studio Kyouei Design was created by bending aluminium wire and crossing it one by one. No bolts or welding is used at all. The tools used for this design are only a jig and a pair of pliers.
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llot llov

The desk ‘Clark’ by Berlin design studio llot llov provides temporary storage which is not about filing or sorting but simply stacking. Everything stays within reach and does not disappear in drawers or cupboards.
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After excellent concept of the Rek Bookcase Austrian design studio Destilat follows up with their new Kaos Bookcase.

Some people sort their books alphabetically by title or author, others according to the theme or style, while still others base the organization on color or size. There is no ideal system as organizing based on the one perspective always causes chaos in terms of the other. kaos makes productive use of this disorder: books are stored in little groups, which makes it possible for various organizing systems to exist alongside one another. The result is a three-dimensional picture composed of books – unpredictable and, by principle, chaotic.

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Gareth Neal

I want this table by Gareth Neal!


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Wannabe Furniture

Really like this idea.


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