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This has got to be the wierdest thing I will see this year! I actually found it a little hard to watch…

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Street Cred

Some guy in America is selling some of his street cred…?!

“I have too much street-cred and need to make a little extra cash.This is a great opportunity for anyone just starting out in the messenger world that doesn’t really know how to fit in, or what city is the most hard-core. You will be able to tell people that we are bros, that you are down with real-life bike messengers, that you have totally partied with us, and be able to boast wild stories of how gnarly a ride was. I will even include spoke-cards and descriptions of races so that you can tell wild stories about being there,broken toe straps,well worn raceing shirt,waterproof socks friend invite on myspace and a broken frame(raleigh team frame that has been mashed way to hard) This will undoubtedly help you build even more street cred! Happy bidding and let me know if you have any questions about my cred”

The best bit about it all is the Q&A section.

Keirin Berlin

Brilliant video.

Keirin is a Japanese type of track cycling event, every fixed gear rider knows this. Danny Baarz made this short movie about Norio Takasugi, a fictitious keirin champion, to promote the Keirin Berlin store. Just take a deep breath and watch it.”

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“Syzygy is a dramatic kind of eclipse (the alignment of 3 or more celestial objects). The campaign for the first ADCE conference plays on the fact that the ADCE awards were announced the day after the eclipse occurred. After the ‘darkness’ produced by the eclipse of three guest design & advertising stars, the real ‘stars’ – the winners of the ADCE awards – would shine the day after… To emphasize the concept of the eclipse (one object in front of the other), the Syzygy postcards and posters have a black vinyl glued in front of the star. In collaboration with Richard Sarson.”

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Great idea to advertise the release of an album.

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Mark Andrew Webber

Saw this today,

really liked it, so decided to visit Mark Andrew Webber’s website and found even better lino cuts.

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Memory Clean Up

I have decided to clean up my mac memory and share some images with you that have caught my attention at some point when surfing the internet or looking for something specific. It’s a small collection of images that I like and it consists of all kinds of graphic design including typography, advertisement, interior details, illustration, posters, street art, album covers, book designs, typefaces etc. Enjoy.

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Police Adverts

Saw these adverts in a police station a while back and have been meaning to post them. Really like their simplicity.

(Sorry about the picture quality, bad phone photos)


Thought this was pretty funny. PoU