James Allen is a London based designer and founder of Birch, B.B, ESQ., Black Box Press and Jooji.

James is the Managing Director of Birch Studio Ltd, a London based design studio working in diverse areas of communication design, that he co-founded with Elliot Hammer in 2009.
Black Box Press
Another venture in 2009 between James and Elliot Hammer saw the launch of Black Box Press, an independent printing and publishing company that acts as a platform for emerging artists, designers and photographers.
James co-founded Jooji, a clothing and home-ware company whose products are made from Washi paper in Japan, with Peter Allen in 2010.
In 2011 James co-founded B.B, ESQ. with Elliot Hammer.B.B, ESQ. is an online venture acting as a resource for gentlemen. B.B, ESQ. aims to seek out what makes modern life all the more enthralling, from the best barista in town to the bespoke tailor steeped in centuries of tradition.
James graduated from the London College of Communication's Typo/Graphic design course in 2009 with a First Class Honors. James currently serves as an associate lecturer to the London College of Communication.